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Pursuing New Trails
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The Sportsman's Seasons-Adventures for Transforming Men

Base Camp- Outfitting Our Faith

Harvest 365 Outdoor Ministry

Exposing the Word
The Pulpit Ministry of Dr. Edgar Pierce

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How to Start a Sportsman's Bible Study Fellowship

Guide Plan- Pursuing Fresh Tracks  (Plan includes both a 13 week and a 26 week plan for group use.)

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  About the Author  

Dr. Edgar Pierce


Edgar Pierce, pastor, hunter, Bible teacher, author, among others are words to describe the author of Pursuing Fresh Tracks. He has pastored 7 churches, written numerous Bible related books. Among these are "The Sportsman's Seasons" and "Echoing Footsteps." He is an avid hunter of all type of game and will fish a little if given the opportunity.
He is married to Joyce and has two sons, Daniel and Cody. He has a Lab named Grizzly.

His pulpit ministry website is www.exposingtheword.com. He is also co-founder of Harvest 365 outdoor ministry at www.harvest365.net.